Functional Metal Sculpture, Artistic Lighting, and Contemporary Jewelry


About the Artist and the Art

Linda Hobdy


 I am a totally self taught artist, and learned to use my creative talents as an adult. Most of my creative energies have come from a need that I had.  I first learned to sew because I needed clothes, then interior design because I needed wallpaper, and started making light sculptures because I needed a sconce. A lot of trial and error was involved, but that seems the best way for me to learn anything. 

 I am fortunate to have a sister, Debbie Graham, my partner in working with metal sculpture, who has helped me convert what was in my head to three dimensional art.  We started out doing art shows together in 1997. After 13 years, Debbie quit traveling with me , but we still work together on commissions at home in our studio on Pond Creek.  I still travel exhibiting at art shows with both Lindatwist Jewelry and Twisted Sisters Art.

Twisted Sisters Art


We create sculptures of light, water, earth and fire using steel, copper, cast iron, glass and found treasures to make each piece unique.  

We start with flat sheets of metal and transform them into lighting, fountains, wall and freestanding sculptures.  

We use an oxy-acetylene torch to braze copper, hammering and detailing it with brass rods to enhance the beauty of the metal and, thus, earning  the title of “Brazin’ Queens.”  

We use a MIG welder to construct the sculptures, but also to texture and add drama – literally painting with fire. Our plasma cutter allows us to cut the complicated shapes from patterns that come from inside our heads to make our dreams come true in 3D metal. Our education has been the trial and error of blindly following our visions, listening to the goddess within us, and being unafraid of failure.

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Lindatwist Jewelry


My jewelry is created by rescuing found treasures, such as metals, glass, guitar strings, fuses, light bulbs, vintage and new elements. I am a champion of the discarded, and use all cold connections. My work table is an operating table where I do surgery everyday, taking ordinary objects and making them extraordinary, by combining unexpected elements using positive/negative space as my main design concept.    My ideas come from the universal gps system, and from my daily dialogue with my treasury of old and new elements that I have collected, each one waiting to be born into my one of a kind designs, my architecture for the body temple

As I sit down at my messy work table, the remnants of my last creation are there, leading me to  my  next piece by  giving me a path to follow and I trust that  directional challenge, knowing that it will take me just where I need to go.  It is like life - you don't have to know the final destination, you just have to begin. The color, texture and drama that are the hallmarks of my creations  flow easily through my hands, and I am grateful for the bliss of creation.

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